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KS Translations and Bussiness Solutions

Translation Services

We suggestively translate the following type of projects:

Legal Documents Legal Documents
In the context of our co-operation with Law Firms, Banks, but also lawyers and notaries public, we translate a wide range of legal documents such as Brief, Lawsuits, Actions, Claims, Complaints, Caveats, Third Parties Caveats, Cassations, Appeals, Agreements, Contracts, Deeds, Private Agreements and other contractual documents, Court orders and judgments, Extrajudicial Notices, Decisions of Competition Commissions, EC Law related documents, Minutes of BoD and of General Meetings etc.

Financial Documents Financial Documents
We specialise in translating Bond Loans, Share Purchase Agreements, Pledge Agreements, Loans, Credit Facility Agreements, Prospectuses, documents related to products traded in a Stock Market, Balance Sheets, Tax forms, Accounting plan etc.

Technical Documents Technical Documents
As regards the area of engineering, construction and in general technical projects, we translate Project Agreements, Designs, Drawings and documents concerning the implementation of projects, E/M Facilities, Specifications, Tender Documents, Technical Manuals, Method Statements, Certificates and Certifications of Experience of Engineers, Construction Manuals and Specifications Reports for machines, ships, aircrafts and means of transportation in general etc.

Medical Documents Medical Documents
We translate notes, articles, scientific illustrations, books and other medical, paramedical, pharmaceutical, biomedical technology, biochemical, biology documents etc.

Other documents and texts such as literature, novels, theses etc.