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KS Translations and Bussiness Solutions

IT Services

Implementation, Maintenance of Networks Implementation, Maintenance of Networks
We undertake the design, planning and installation of local area networks both at a corporate and private level. Our services include the design and creation of a network right from the beginning, after careful review and selection of proper hardware according to you network needs and installation at your premises. In addition, we offer upgrading or expansion of the already installed network based on your demands. The review and installation of a network concerns both hardware and software.

P/C Technical Support P/C Technical Support
Any technical issue that you may face while operating a P/C either at home or at work, we will find and resolve it. We will visit your premises and resolve any issue on-site (for minor problems) with a minimum charge or if necessary we will take your equipment with us. Upon removal of your equipment we will effect a complete recording of all items removed and provide you with an approximate cost estimation. If you are not pleased with the performance of your computer and believe that it is time to upgrade, let us optimize and upgrade it to the most efficient performance level.

Software Development Software Development
We undertake the implementation of software applications that serve the needs of any business. Solutions offered are the result of the whole procedure of software development which begins from the determination of the user’s demands, the design of the application, the implementation and checks concerning the due operation, training for use of the application as well as maintenance and constant support after the delivery of systems and applications.

Data Recovery Data Recovery
If for any reason, either due to user’s default or technical malfunction, you lost part of your data, we undertake the recovery thereof. In order to recover them we use the most up-to-date and appropriate means (designated software and/or physical intervention if required). The cost ranges with respect to the recovery procedure applied. In no case there is 100% guarantee that all data will be recovered.