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KS Translations and Bussiness Solutions

Our Philosophy

In a highly competitive environment, we focus our efforts, always in close co-operation with you, on reaching the solutions that will fully adapt to your demands. Our philosophy lies on the combination of high quality services and strict observance of the delivery times, in order to timely and fully cover your needs.

The associaties of our company are selected based on strict criteria and constitute the driving wheel of our services. With regard to specific knowledge for each sector, but in parallel to the personality, level of co-operation and consistency, we select the most suitable translators, editors, technicians and programmers.

Our main concern is to continuously expand our technological infrastructure, so that it will be fully utilised to your benefit. Apart from the specialised associates, the most up-to-date computer applications are used, thus providing not only the best result as far as the services are concerned, but in parallel protection of each client’s archives and information, via the creation of a confidential database.

Our object is to establish a trusted relationship, which will lead to the development of a successful and long-time bilateral co-operation.